– the driving force of the system –

DIAMES is an active manufacturing execution

system that provides the active link between your production facility and production planning/management.

The DIAMES portfolio consists of an extensive set of functions, tools and options for real-time production management with features that enable sustainable improvements to the general productivity and a significant reduction of any kind of waste.

  • diames_prinzipReduces reduces unproductive production times by the analysis of exception conditions (Management by Exception) in accordance with parameters defined for the different environments.
  • Increases the reliability of meeting delivery targets.
  • Has an extensive set of configurat options to adapt DIAMES to virtually every production environment.
  • Provides the site-manager directly and instantly with key-information that would otherwise be hard to come by.
  • Symptomatic disturbances and bottlenecks are recognized at a very early stage so that they are rectified before they cause major losses.
  • Interfaces with most ERP systems (e.g. SAPTM, BaanTM…).