Log-Event Viewer

The Log Event Viewer (“LEV”) visualizes that have been logged online by the DIAMES Server. LEV is an MS-Windows-based GUI application that is complementary to the DIAMES family of products.

The potential benefit of using LEV is that it provides instant and selective access to detailed key information specific to former production activity related events. Depending on the area of interest, a user interactively configures the selection criteria for the required time-span, the event type logged and the presentation format of the visualization.

DIAMES Log-Event Viewer - results for selected search criteria
DIAMES Log-Event Viewer – results for selected search criteria

The LEV can be configured to run on standard PC’s or on touch screen based MS-Windows compliant devices like wireless PDA’s.

Work-centre operators and maintenance staff can use centrally located touch screen based LEV configurations to check the detailed history of the production activities for specific irregularities.

Wireless PDA’s running the LEV application provide key information to shop floor supervisors and managers to enhance the actual business process production based on historical DIAMES log-event information.

The figure above illustrates how the LEV can be used to visualize a set of production activity events that were collected by the DIAMES Server.
In the image above the search criteria was for “EVSP” 1) and “EVOP” 2) events. The user has also selected the color blue to highlight “EVSP” 1) events…

The application supports the standard Microsoft Windows printing functions. The LEV also provides a feature to export visualized DIAMES log-event information directly to Microsoft Excel™. The user can then further manipulate and visualize such exported information using standard Excel functions – e.g. graphic bar charts or pie charts, etc.

To limit the visualization to a particular period of time, a time-span can be specified. Two optional, user-defined string-based filter functions are used to further limit the visualized information; i.e. to one specific production work-center, a specific production order or a specific personnel ID …

1) EVSP = performs a shift event snapshot (save shift status)

2) EVOP = performs an operator event snapshot (save operator status)