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Whether you want to learn more about DIAMES in general, current information as it relates to your industry or how to increase productivity, you’ve landed in the right place.


So we can provide you with the best Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or cloud based MES on the market, DIAMES is pro-active in the manufacturing industry. We like to stay up-to-date on all of the cutting-edge technical information and news

Here you can learn more about improving your business production process as a whole with MES technology. We are constantly researching different production industries on four continents to provide accurate and useful information for our clients. Intelligent Manufacturing scheduling and efficient execution are two of the main challenges in any industry. DIAMES will support you to sustainably improve your production processes in this context by helping you to achieve your company’s goals effectively and faster.

We also strive to relate to our customers from the manufacturing world on a production basis. Frequently, we will produce articles designed to:

  • Support you to achieve higher productivity and efficiency
  • Provide you information on how to achieve a shorter manufacturing throughput time as well as less down and waiting time on the shop floor
  • Highlight the importance of smart manufacturing in the current context of I4 or IIoT


With technology, systems and methodologies that change seemingly every day, we want to support you to stay on top of the trends and set your company uniquely apart from your competition. We’ve assisted many companies worldwide to sustainably improve their manufacturing processes and we would be honored to help you, too. Contact us today to learn more about state of the art MES technology.

Science of Manufacturing Operation Management

One of the biggest and most serious mistakes manufacturing companies make is only reacting to problems when they occur, instead of identifying their potential early in the process. Manufacturing processes are in most cases quite complex and not transparent by themselves, so any sort of down time is detrimental to production. The best way to […]

Thursday November 24th, 2016 0 comment
How a Manufacturing Execution System Supports a Sustainable Increase in Shop Floor Productivity

All manufacturing companies permanently need to increase productivity and efficiency. Most of the time, this is not as easy as flipping a switch. With a state of the art Manufacturing Execution System (MES) application, your company sustainably increases efficiency and productivity within a short time. An MES provides managers, supervisors and workcenter operators with real-time […]

Monday November 21st, 2016 0 comment