Speak with an MES consultant about smart manufacturing!

No matter which manufacturing industry your company is in, an MES implementation will help you quickly and sustainably improve your shop floor production.


When you contact us, our MES consultants will first gain a full understanding of your company and the manufacturing operations currently in place in order to get an idea about how DIAMES can be an effective solution. Once you experience DIAMES higher productivity and higher efficiency, you’ll see a drastic increase to your company’s bottom line and a better position compared to your competition.

Speak with an MES consultant for a better understanding of new MES-based opportunities. MES is in another league in respect to manufacturing business improvements. The current European I4 and American driven IIoT initiatives require an MES that’s complementary to your ERP system to achieve the functionality you expect.

Since DIAMES has been implemented in a variety of manufacturing industries of different sizes, we are confident we can also help you grow your company by becoming more productive and more efficient with your existing manufacturing infrastructure.

All of our DIAMES clients have reported less loss, less waiting time, shorter cycle time, shorter throughput time, less downtime and an overall better quality product on the technical, administrative side. On the financial side, our well-organized customers have reported productivity improvements in the range of 15 – 30 % – mostly within 3 – 6 months after starting the DIAMES platform, resulting in a very attractive ROI!

There are companies that seriously struggle with increasing their bottom line and don’t know where to begin to improve it. In most cases a new tool like an MES combined with a proactive manufacturing management approach provides the required difference to sustainably and quickly improve your existing productivity and efficiency.

If you’re ready to give your business an opportunity to drastically improve achieved results, without changing the current infrastructure contact us today to speak with an MES consultant. We will come to you, explain in detail the DIAMES system with a life-link to a system in the cloud and discuss with you step-by-step how we can implement a DIAMES platform into your company.


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