Server (AIX or Windows platform – InHouse or Cloud based)

The DIAMES server is the “gear box” – combining the ERP planning world with the physical execution of the shop floor on its production resources. MES software like DIAMES is unique and is still new for many manufacturing companies. It will provides your company with a tool to manage the production process as planned on the ERP system. This works by immediately reacting to business-critical deviations as soon as they occur in order to achieve the set production goals under any condition.


A DIAMES server can run on an IBM AIX Power Server platform or compiled from the same source code on a virtual Windows server environment. Such Windows server can be a virtual owned inhouse Windows server or a rented virtual Windows Cloud Service server.

Such DIAMES servers can be configured to be linked with almost any type of production planning environment, like one of the well known ERP systems with a WebService Link or an Microsoft Excel application as a minimum production planning environment of an SMB with a simple file exchange mechanism.

The wiring of the production machines for the automatic data-collection if production activities is always another big task that gets executed by the specialists of the company is another mandatory task.

DIAMES-DAC: Administration Console

Once The DIAMES system core programs are installed, the DIAMES-DAC application will be used to execute the effective implementation and commissioning process.

All users, production resources, shift structures, downtime reasons and many more company-related definitions must be placed on the server so it will work for your particular production environment.

The DIAMES-DAC application is the tool that defines and customizes the system settings. Your designated liaison, called the DIAMES System Administrator (DSA) and his deputy will do that together with our DIAMES integrator. This is part of the on-the-job DIAMES Education and Training Program to enable your company to achieve a high level of independence. No matter if you decide to work with an in-house or a Cloud Service based DIAMES solution, these procedures are identical in their execution.

The setup of a DIAMES system is complex and will be done by related experts according to the given operational infrastructure of the company. The DIAMES DSA will be trained to execute the daily system operations independently. The usage has been simplified as much as possible for the end user. In particular, DIAMES should be easy and stress-free for machine operators with limited knowledge about complex IT related tasks.