Frequently Asked Questions

DIAMES is an MES software that provides ERP complementary functions and features of a proactive production management platform to optimize the execution of the production processes as planned by the ERP.  It provides on-line production planning data, received from the ERP to the shop floor and reports executing production activities back to the ERP. DIAMES immediately alerts responsible persons about recognized business critical deviations in order to accelerate the problem-recognizing, -finding and -solving procedures. The result is higher productivity and efficiency, as well as significant less avoidable production losses.

DIAMES is the “gear box” between production planning on the ERP system and the active execution of production processes on the shop floor. It deals with production information and visualizes relationships and dependencies of collected data on behalf of acting persons.

An ERP system provides the mandatory production planning information based on  customer’s demands.

DIAMES uses planning ERP data to coordinate production activities and collects real-time data about active production processes on the shop floor. It individually visualizes on-line consolidated production data for machine operators, supervisors and management.  A proactive production management approach executed on all levels of the company results in much higher productivity, higher efficiency, less throughput time, less downtime, less loss and a greater overall effectiveness with the existing manufacturing infrastructure.

DIAMES enables system users to make efficient decisions in real time, based on  effective fact and figures of active production processes. It visualizes the actual status of production orders and their current work in process, to respond faster to unplanned events and recognize deviations. This is based on maximum accuracy of collected production activity data, to actively track production units as effectivly produced, automated data acquisition with minimum human interventions and many more benefits.

All of these DIAMES functions and features immediately save more time and money than automation projects and manual driven improvement programs.

The unique flexibility of the DIAMES architecture, as it has grown over thirty years of development, based on many customers’ input, makes it usable in almost every line of production processes, including automotive component manufacturers, cable and wire manufacturers, metal and plastic industries, press operators, manual operated assembly manufacturing and many more.

Users access DIAMES information from the company’s on-site or Cloud based server via applications installed on their PCs, smart phones or tablets, using a secure network connection. DIAMES data visualization tools are protected by a login and related password. When the company network is Internet enabled, DIAMES users will have access to the system and their production machines. wherever they have network coverage.

DIAMES supports all mainstream EPR system connectivities, like with JD-Edwards™, Microsoft Navision™, PeopleSoft™ and SAP™ with a standardized but flexible customizable Web Service interface. Other production planning systems, down to a simple Excel based production planning application package, are supported by a standard data exchange mechanism, as well.

Anywhere with local or Internet based DIAMES server access using PCs, smart phones or tablets with DIAMES specific apps. Besides the device-specific app a valid login and related password is required. With a Remote Desktop link a DIAMES app can be used remotely on a centralized computer without an installed app on the user’s side.

A DIAMES customer orders a bundle of concurrent licenses for the required number of concurrent users. When a user goes off, another user can then use this currently free license slot.

As with any software product, the cost of DIAMES depends on a variety of factors, including the number of production machines you want to manage, the number of system users, how your company is structured, what data you want measured and what other production services and systems are currently being used.

A DIAMES consultant will help you with a dedicated and customized system definition approach to find your DIAMES system, satisfying the effective requirements for a given company structure and defined goals.

Fact is, in a very short time a well implemented and integrated MES like DIAMES will create more additional revenue than the system costs. We know many complex DIAMES projects around the globe that have achieved an ROI in less than six months.

This potential for improvement doesn’t make DIAMES valuable by itself. It’s the people who use DIAMES information to improve the efficiency of the company’s production that make the real difference.

There is no other technology or methodology around manufacturing that achieves the same production improvement results like an MES. DIAMES has been designed with some unique and enhanced functions and features that are above and beyond the ISA95 oor VDI 5600 MES mandatory standards.