Message Distribution Services

The “Message Distribution Services” (MDS) are an MS-Windows-based application that is complementary to the DIAMES family of products.
The MDS software is easy to install on a Windows-based clients that are integrated into the company network.

mds-de01The MDS automatically handles all exceptions and other messages that might occur on the shop floor.
Messages are routed from the shop floor network via the DIAMES Server and the in-house network to the MDS PC.
The MDS then distributes the messages in accordance with the profiles defined for individual receivers or for groups of receivers.

A user-friendly administrative tool is used to configure message routing, escalation schemes, receivers and the respective equipment.
Equipment can consist of mobile or cellular phones, pagers, PCs receiving e-mail, PDA’s (personal digital assistants) or even fax machines.
The MDS application is based on Microsoft Access and can easily be adapted to Microsoft SQL Server.

mds-02The figure above illustrates the MDS application, providing you with detailed information of how to configure your settings.
Online help is also available by a simple click of a button .

Authorized users can send manually entered messages to individual receivers or to a group of receivers by means of an http – browser like Internet Explorer (version 5 or later).

The MDS can monitor network connections that are important to DIAMES Servers and/or communication providers and send pre-configured messages when a line down warning, slow response time warning, etc. are detected.

Log files provide the necessary statistics. These can be exported to Microsoft Excel Workbooks for external analysis.

Profiles ensure that message are only transmitted to those devices that are relevant to the respective receiver at that time.

Here follow some possible configurations of the MDS:


mds-de04Messages that are delivered to the device of your choice are similar to the e-mail shown below:

mds-05The benefit of the Message Distribution Services is that information regarding exceptions, alarms, warnings, general calls and messages are distributed to the designated recipients immediately, at any location and at any time.

This provides the user with the opportunity to monitor all activities on the shop floor to increase the general level of productivity.