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23 Feb 2017
Diames business process management

How MES Applications Can Benefit Your Production

Making the decision to install the right MES applications can greatly impact your business’s production line. Not only will production run more efficiently as a whole, but production managers can make better business decisions by utilizing MES. The technology in MES applications creates transparent processes at any stage of production, meaning operators can react immediately if an issue arises. Without this technology, workflow will not be as efficient, which can cost time and money. Here are some key ways MES can impact your production business process positively.

1. Improves Cost Optimization

Using human resources on the shop floor can cost a significant amount of money, and the same volume of facts and figures can’t be produced. Without using MES applications, it is virtually impossible to have a proactive production management approach.

Cost optimization can happen at any stage of the production process. When analyzing your business process management, you have to look at everything from the planning stage to the delivery stage and anywhere in between. Manufacturing execution systems can make each one of those stages more efficient, thus reducing costs and driving profits.

2. Reduces Downtime and Waste

Errors on the production line will occur, regardless of what systems are in place. However, with MES applications, the time elapsed between the error being noticed and being corrected is significantly lower. This results in much less waste and could prevent shutdowns.

Your business process management planning likely takes waste into consideration. Raw materials alone can account for a significant amount of the cost of the product, so reducing waste can give a big boost to a company’s bottom line and create happier consumers as well.

3. Creates Overall Synchronization of Processes

When data is collected from every stage of the supply chain, it leads to processes running like a well-oiled machine. MES applications can tie in any and all stages of your production to create a more efficient and effective business. Plus, production managers can make better decisions about any maintenance repairs or other business decisions based on the real-time data provided by MES. It’s the synchronization of the company’s processes that makes it more powerful and profitable.

If you are one of the few companies without MES applications, you need to at least consider the benefits you’re missing out on. For more specific ways on how manufacturing execution systems can be incorporated into your business, be sure to contact us.