Improving Production Management Can Reduce Last Minute Planning

Production scheduling and planning are a lot more difficult than they sound. Without the proper systems in place, last minute planning is almost always inevitable. However, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions can allow plant managers, supervisors or workcenter operators  to use advanced planning processes to help make operations run more smoothly.

One helpful manufacturing execution system is a shop floor manager. This tool enables users to view and manage the entire operations on the shop floor with an online data navigator. Make sure the use of real-time data is a feature of your shop floor manager MES tools. This ability can significantly help to improve production management and cut-down on last-minute planning.

Start With Analyzing Plant Level Data

The shop floor manager should display a full view of the entire plant operation to get a general sense of productivity. Anyone in a Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM) role will appreciate the ability to quickly scan real-time data versus running reports based on past data.

If the manager can pinpoint a machine that’s not producing well, then they can dig deeper into the specific department. Without a full view of the manufacturing plant, it wouldn’t be as easy to narrow the issue.

Analyze the Data

MES shop floor manager tools should be able to break down the real-time data into departments, work centers and even crew members. The best way to improve production management is to identify the source of a problem, rather than just address it on the surface. Manufacturing execution systems allow managers to target the source of a breakdown and be proactive in repairing it instead of discovering the problem when it’s too late.

From a manufacturing planning standpoint, managers can make more accurate projections based on real-time data. Traditional systems rely on historical data to produce projections. But a manager who stays on top of their MES tools can clearly see where the production currently stands and can monitor productivity to ensure it stays on the right track.

Compare and Customize Display Information

Having a system to display the information relevant to you and your company for planning purposes is critical. Users should be able to view different schedules, times and data with a few simple clicks. Whether you want to know how a particular employee is working or how long a machine has been running, the information should be easy to access.

When it comes to planning, the more information you have, the better off you’ll be. But having the relevant data is even more important. MOM is all about knowing what has happened on the floor and comparing it to what’s currently in production. When you do that, you’ll be able to limit last minute planning practices and move toward advanced planning.

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