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The Advantages of Implementing a Comprehensive MES

It’s nearly impossible to have a proactive production management improvement approach without a comprehensive MES implementation. A comprehensive MES will give production managers a broader overview of the manufacturing environment, so it’s easier to identify what’s working and what’s lacking. This is different from the watch-and-see approach, because not everything can be viewed at once and it’s difficult to measure productivity in the long-term.

With the real-time results generated by manufacturing execution systems, companies can get a better overview of key performance indicators instantly. Here are some of the other reasons why manufacturing plants are turning to comprehensive MES implementation.

Connects The Entire Process

Many companies make the mistake of taking a narrow approach to viewing different operations. For example, they will look specifically at the workflow of a certain part of the process, but not look as closely at other issues. These issues could range from a general overview of equipment maintenance, supply and demand or the overall quality of the product.

Comprehensive MES implementation connects all processes, from the planning, engineering and scheduling to the entire production process. It’s essentially the only way to be able to view the full picture of production in order to be proactive and get ahead of any potential issues to prevent downtime.

Greater Inventory Turns

Companies who have adopted MES have seen greater inventory turns than those who haven’t. The last thing any production manager wants to deal with is not having enough inventory to meet order demands. Manufacturing execution systems can help prevent a shortage.

Comprehensive MES to Fit Individual Companies

Some companies go through MES consulting to determine what system is right for them. Most companies will at least implement applications for planning and scheduling, inventory control and overall quality management at the production plant. However, since every company operates differently, the comprehensive MES can be tailored to best fit your needs.

When an MES is completely implemented, companies have proven to be more effective and efficient on the production line. This includes providing higher quality products in a shorter amount of time and at a lower cost. All of these factors turn into higher profits, better systems with lower maintenance costs and happier clients overall. For more information on MES consulting and to learn about what manufacturing execution system would be right for your company, be sure to contact us.