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26 Nov 2016

The Science of Manufacturing Operation Management

The most successful manufacturing companies always look to streamline and improve their operations management. With so many moving parts, a single manager (or group of managers) can’t watch every aspect of the manufacturing process at all times. Every business that has used Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) as the technical tool has sustainably improved their manufacturing operation management drastically.

When a plant manager, supervisor or workcenter operator understands the science behind Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM), they can use resources more efficiently to boost production. With a specific emphasis on an MES as the technical platform in combination with MOM as the administrative tool, the basics for world class manufacturing standards are in place.

Standardize Your Management Process

Any successful manufacturing company wants to standardize the management process in order to give production a boost. Certain MES applications can automate procedures and processes to the point where human interaction isn’t always a necessity. Of course, checking in with employees frequently is critical to the success of any company, but having the proper software in place will help identify the most critical items needing to be addressed.

Focus on Both Large-Scale and Small-Scale Operations

A good MES will provide real-time data on both the big picture and the minor details. It’s impossible to have quality operations management if you don’t know what’s going on with all aspects of the manufacturing process. With MES implementation, managers can view the process as a whole and identify what’s working well and what needs improvement. It could take days or weeks to do this manually by running reports and checking data, but MES solutions can generate the same information in real time.

Use Efficient Software

If you haven’t guessed already, the science behind successful manufacturing operations management is efficient software. MES are designed to streamline management processes from the time a machine is turned on all the way through the sale of the product. While the technicalities behind how the software works may be complex, a good MES application will simplify and customize the information for you. Every manufacturing company is different and requires unique management styles, so MES solutions can be tailored toward your specific industry.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Enjoying an increase to the bottom line takes more than just a couple of steps. Often companies need more employee motivation, while other times machine upgrades are necessary. The use of an MES is the best way to know what areas of production to give your focus. When management is involved with the daily operations of the manufacturing process, the bottom line will experience a natural boost.

With the help of MES applications, your manufacturing operations management doesn’t have to be complicated. The science behind successful management isn’t that complex with the correct MES in place.

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21 Nov 2016

How a Manufacturing Execution System Supports a Sustainable Increase in Shop Floor Productivity

All manufacturing companies permanently need to increase productivity and efficiency. Most of the time, this is not as easy as flipping a switch. With a state of the art Manufacturing Execution System (MES) application, your company sustainably increases efficiency and productivity within a short time. An MES provides managers, supervisors and workcenter operators with real-time production activity information wherever they are. It allows you to proactively manage manufacturing processes and immediately prevent non-required down- and wait-time. An MES provides many additional functions and features besides increasing productivity and efficiency. For example, it also provides proactive quality management and optimized maintenance and repair organization.

Improve All Stages of the Supply Chain

One of the main benefits of an MES is the strict execution of an ERP and optimized production schedule. An MES immediately recognizes business-critical deviations between the plan and the execution and automatically alerts those responsible. One part of the supply chain around the manufacturing processes may be slacking, but the reason could be from another area. An MES application provides  an on-line real-time data view about the whole supply chain and enables the differentiation between symptoms and the effective cause.

When such information is collected at every stage and location of the supply chain, it’s easier to determine where immediate alterations need to be made in order to boost the overall productivity. The DIAMES Manufacturing Execution Manager (MEM) and the Shop Floor Manager (SFM) applications are such tools that enable users to look at the entire plant on one screen at their own workspace. It’s applications in context with many others provides the opportunity to drill down to the cause of a problem from the department to the single workcenter or operator level.

Reduce Costs and Waste

One of the key efforts for efficiency optimization with MES is to reduce waste in time/material and also the cost itself. Without an MES application, a company may not be able to identify the cause of any waste until the damage has effectively happened.

With the DIAMES-MEM and -SFM, users can easily tell where issues are occurring and work diligently to correct the problem immediately. The DIAMES real-time data feature is a critical component to this application and is a significant factor in maintaining cost-saving efforts.

Quickly Identify Problems

When plant managers have a full view of the entire manufacturing process for a particular product, it’s easy to identify where a problem is occurring. Sometimes it may be a technical issue with machinery or just a human error. An MES will immediately alert users of potential backlogs or production errors before major problems occur.

Nothing slows productivity more than a malfunctioning machine. An entire day or more of manufacturing planning could be wasted if the proper MES solutions aren’t integrated within the systems of a company.

The DIAMES-MEM and -SFM support several companies for an immediate sustainable increase of shop floor productivity. These applications are the front-end tools of DIAMES and therefore, also the complementary extension of an existing ERP.

Once you commit to use a state of the art MES platform, you’ll be able to improve and sustain your shop floor productivity and efficiency.

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