Diames manufacturing execution systems

Improving New Product Introduction with Manufacturing Execution Systems

Anyone in the manufacturing business knows the challenges of New Product Introduction. Translating a market need into a product ready to sell can be a challenge at many different levels. With the help of MES solutions, the manufacturing process of these new products can be closely monitored so no details are missed.

This also goes for calculating more accurate costs and identifying any process that may need to be reevaluated and tweaked for better efficiency. Here are some of the ways manufacturing execution systems can boost the effectiveness of a newly introduced product.

Streamlined Process

Getting a new product right the first time is the best way to succeed with a newly introduced product. The best way to do that is to be on the same page with the design, engineering and production teams. The best thing about MES applications is manufacturers can go through the entire process of making a new product without losing any time along the way. Not only will this create a high quality product the first time, but the costs will also be lower, meaning more profit.

Decreased Challenges, Increased Accuracy

Any time a new product gets developed, there will be challenges along the way. With manufacturing execution systems in place, those challenges decrease because of the data available for use in improving the entire process. The fewer challenges standing in the way before the newly introduced product hits the market, the better accuracy you’ll experience.

Reduced Latency Issues

Latency is one of the most frustrating things about manufacturing. When every level of a new product introduction is on the same page with each other, latency will be reduced drastically. MES applications can provide the real-time information and data needed to monitor the process from start to finish. The real-time information can also help production managers identify problems before they cause larger issues leading to latency.

Keeps Manufacturers Ahead

It seems like before a new product gets introduced, the next one is already in the works. For manufacturing companies, it makes business more profitable, but it can also present challenges because of the rapid movement. Companies have turned to different MES solutions to help create shorter planning and implementation of new product production.

Staying ahead of New Product Introduction is critical for manufacturing companies. Be sure to contact us for more ways MES applications can help make your next newly introduced product a success.