Diames cloud based MES

How the Cloud Impacts Manufacturing

When manufacturing companies use the cloud extensively, they are able to focus more on their own core business rather than worry about other IT related items. Not all companies today use a cloud based MES, but those that do have typically saved some money in both the short-term and long-term. They can essentially use cloud service based IT tools and applications on a rental basis, so the costs and time spent using these resources remain low. Here are some other ways the cloud impacts manufacturing in a positive way.

Keeps IT Processes Current

Most companies are able to trim back their in-house IT staff when they implement cloud based manufacturing execution systems. The service providers will handle all the necessary software updates and automatically backup your systems without the need of a full IT team. In the event of a shutdown at the manufacturing facility, data is stored offsite, so you’ll never have to worry about lost information.

Advanced Inventory Management

There’s nothing worse than having a large amount of orders, but not enough inventory to fill those orders. This can happen occasionally, but not with cloud based MES applications. The cloud service will work behind the scenes with your suppliers or partners to ensure the amount of inventory meets the volume of orders. Some managers are hesitant to use a data-sharing program like this, but there are still security measures in place to guarantee confidentiality.

Provides Better Client Support

Customers have the ability to check the status of orders when you implement a cloud based MES. Not only will this give the customer real-time access to their order, but it will prevent manufacturers from having to take the time away from the production floor to answer status questions. Or if you’d prefer to have an actual person answer phone calls, you can have a remote team dedicated to doing so by granting them access to the information from the cloud.

More Accurate Forecasting

The only way to make better business decisions is to have accurate forecasting. With cloud based manufacturing execution systems, you’ll have access to real-time information, statistics and projections, so forecasting accuracy can improve. When you have the ability to look at both past results and accurate projections, you can make easier business decisions without as much risk.

To learn more about cloud based MES systems and how they could be implemented into your manufacturing company, feel free to contact us at any time.